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Printed Circuit Board.

Schematic Tips

You can create multiple sheets to simplify the design and to copy+paste repeated sections

Layout Tips

On a 2 layer board it is recommended to have the bottom layer all be a ground plane. For instances where you need to cross a trace you can use a 0 ohm resistor.

Filter capacitors should be as close to the IC as possible.

Use a 50mil grid snap to make the components as square as possible. This can be reduced to 25mil late in the design for tricky components. Sometimes in KiCAD components may not line up properly, to fix this you can select two components, right click and press alignment.

Use 6mil width for sensing traces, 20mil for power traces (can handle up to 3A), 100mil for high-power traces (up to 10A). It is not recommended to use fill zones for other than the ground plane on a two layer board.

Name your nets something that makes sense. (Like GND)

Checklist Before Manufacturing